Curriculum vitae

Date of Birth:

10. Dez. 1957




Civil Engineer



1963 - 1976

Education at school in Göppingen, Abitur.

1976 - 1982

Study of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Stuttgart, Diploma.


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (Soil mechanics).

Research experience:


Research Assistant, Institute for Materials in Civil Engineering, University of Stuttgart

1983 - 1986

Graduate Assistantship at the University of Stuttgart, Institute of Concrete Structures: member of a special research group for light weight structures.

Professional experience:

1986 - 1987

Pag-O-Flex, Düsseldorf: Development Engineer for flexible pipes for offshore oil transport

1987 - 1991

Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart: Civil engineer in the foundation engineering department of the main-office. Design of environmental treatment projects (soil and groundwater)

1991 - 1997

TÜV Südwest, respectively TÜV Energie und Umwelt GmbH, Stuttgart: consultant for environmental engineering

Private Practice:

since 1998

Development of private practice in an independent consulting office "GBI": Hans Gropper Beratender Ingenieur, Leinfelden nearby Stuttgart.

Project experience:

  • Check consultant for redeveloping a school building
  • Project manager for developing a packer-system for deep-drilling
  • Testing Engineer for technical design parameters of flexible offshore pipes
  • Consultant for excavating, handling and cleaning of contaminated soil on several sites (for instance: power plant with 150.000 tons)
  • Consultant for groundwater treatment systems and soil vapor extraction (for instance on an site near Stuttgart: operating treatment with 1 to VOC/month)
  • Project manager of site investigation
  • Project manager of theoretical environmental studies


  • German: native language
  • English: good
  • Spanish: fair